The Most Iconic Photos Of The 1940s: V-J Day, 1945------This iconic photo depicts the jubilance and relief expressed throughout America when armistice was declared in World War Two. Contrary to popular opinion, the two in the picture were not lovers; the soldier was jubilantly planting kisses on women in Times Square – this lucky nurse was just one of them.

The Ten Most Iconic Photos Of The 1940s

Authentic 1940s Makeup History and Tutorial. Gene Tierney wears the 1940s look with all natural ease. #190sfashion #makeup

Authentic 1940s Makeup History and Tutorial

Authentic Makeup History and Tutorial. Gene Tierney wears the look with all natural ease, this is the makeup look I wanted to go for with my military woman look. A red lip and defined eyeliner taken inspiration from Gene Tierney

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New 1940s Shoes: Wedge, Slingback, Oxford, Peep Toe

Green ones for Ana, yellow ones for Violet, black ones for Dottie, blue ones for Angie, bordeaux ones for Peggy.

Vintage style hair 1940s back roll. I have always loved this look...maybe I should try it.                                                                                                                                                     More

Five Classic Vintage Hairstyles - Wednesday Wish List #13

1940's Slang (Part 2)

"Soitenly" is literally just "certainly" in a heavy Boston accent, I highly doubt it was ever spelled like that. Pinner: Slang (Part

1940's Crepe Dress

1940s vintage dresses 15 best outfits

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