Junior Giant can be used as a conference table after you easily and quickly take the compacted table and expand it out into a huge table ready for a dinner party or a conference meeting. Save a ton of space. By Expandfurniture.com

Junior Giant Table

Shop for space saving furniture such as the amazing transformable junior giant table online with Expand Furniture, where you can find expanding tables.

The award winning ludovico office, fully expanded from a compact cabinet into a micro office. Now available inNorth America at http://expandfurniture.com

Ludovico office

At expand furniture, we specialize in space saving furniture of all types. One of our best selling pieces of transforming office furniture is the Ludovico.

Space Saving Table - Expand Furniture - Folding Tables, Smarter Wall Beds, Space Savers

Elevate – Space Saving Table

Space Saving Table converts from a coffee table by day into a dining table in a few simple motions- by Expand Furniture - Folding Tables, Smart Space Savers

space saving table lifted and opened - sold by expand furniture

Elevate – Space Saving Table

space saving table quickly and easily lifted and opened ready for a meal - sold by expand furniture

The space saving furniture experts at Expand Furniture explain why using expanding tables to solving your dining space issues is a great idea.  #expandingtables  http://expandfurniture.com/expanding-dining-tables-for-cramped-dining-rooms/

Expanding Tables for Cramped Dining Areas

Shop for affordable transforming tiny titan tables online with Expand Furniture. Where space saving furniture is our specialty.

Space expanding furniture. Utilize your area and make it better with expand furniture. We provide incredible furniture that will expand your living space.

box coffee to dining table converts from a coffee table to a dining table with three leaves extending it out for extra guests by expand furniture

We all wish we had a little more space to create that extra craft room, home gym, guest room or home office, among other things. Click the link below to find out how Expand Furniture can help! #SpaceSavingFurnture  http://expandfurniture.com/space-saving-furniture/

Space Saving Furniture by Expand Furniture

Expand Furniture offers custom furniture that save space including transforming dining room tables, murphy sofa wall beds and more.

Expand Furniture provides a wide selection of space saving furniture for small apartment living. View our online store today! #transforming #tables http://expandfurniture.com/dining-sets-small-apartments/

Dining sets for small apartments

Expand Furniture provides a wide selection of space saving furniture for small apartment living. View our online store today!