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Navajo Plying

Handspun "Together"

Handspun "Together" 100% merino 3ply (navajo plied) Long colour sequences, selfstriping yarn. 110gr/197m, 3,9o/215y Divided in two skeins, one of 70gr and one of 40gr A wonderful soft and well balanced yarn for your knitting projects! The yarn will be gorgeous for cowls, wristwarmers, hats or any other soft and warm accessories. Spun from a merino roving I dyed myself. This item is unique and made with lots of care and love

Handspun yarn - Spun Sugar

Handspun yarn - Spun Sugar

Gorgeous handspun yarn, made from natural merino wool, Wensleydale locks and glitter! Knitted up - it looks so pretty. Thick n thin, little twinkly threads of angelina and firestar in subtle naturals, pinks and turquoise. RNS: 10mm- 12mm 100g / 3.5oz Bulky 56 meters WPI:4 Made to order

Scrap Batts: How to Make Heathered Yarns Without a Drum Carder

Scrap Batts: Heathered Yarns Without a Drum Carder » Knitting-and.com

How to make striped sliver for spinning heathered yarns without the use of any special tools. Full photo tutorial.

This nicely illustrates balanced and unbalanced plying. Another (and most basic) technique which I have yet to master.

plying and twist angle

I was reading a discussion of plying on Julia's blog and thought I would write a little about plying and twist angle since I couldn't stick a picture in her comments! When you ply singles that are freshly spun you can hold up a loop of yarn and see if it twists in either direction. If it hangs straight or nearly straight then you have a balanced ply. However, if your singles are even a few minutes old, some of the twist energy has been set. That's because the friction and the scales are sort…

Picture of Spinning attachment for a treadle sewing cabinet

Spinning Attachment for a Treadle Sewing Cabinet

Spinning Attachment for a Treadle Sewing Cabinet: Anyone who knits knows that good yarn ain't cheap. You can spin your own yarn, but buying a spinning wheel will cost you more than all the yarn in the world! On the other hand, Goodwill stores are full of high-quality sweaters for a very reasonable…

Looking for spinning project inspiration? Check out Handspun Yarn- Explosion by member BrenBoone.

Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!

Looking for spinning project inspiration? Check out Handspun Yarn- Explosion by member BrenBoone.

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Itchy Socks & Baggy Bloomers – How it All Began | Fibre Arts Bootcamp

Indian Head Spinning Wheel

When a lady contacted our woodworking club about getting someone to make some spinning wheel parts I thought she was repairing an old one. Turns out she wants something called an Indian Head Spinning Wheel. I purchased the plans online and this is...

Genuine Cowichan sweaters handmade by Coast Salish knitters. These traditional designs are usually available: Eagle; Whale; Deer; Salmon, and Snowflake. Other designs may occasionally be available, including: Bison; Thunderbird; Raven; Hummingbird, and Frog. Please indicate the design you prefer, and an alternate in case your first pick is not available. 	 	To get the best fit please provide the following measurements: 	Length: 	measure along your back from the base of your neck to where…

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Hill's Native Art is North America's largest northwest Coast Native Art Gallery.

Spinning references. A go-to blog

December | 2008

Complete spinning wheel package that includes the plying flyer, fast flyer, 4 regular bobbins, and a tensioned lazy kate. Available from The Woolery.

Lendrum Original Double Treadle Spinning Wheel Complete Package

Description Description Gordon Lendrum has been building spinning wheels in Canada since 1975. Versatile and very portable. It folds almost flat for traveling and is easily unfolded and reset for spinning. Specifications: Double Treadle Wheel Diameter: 19" Orifice: 7/16" Weight: 13.15 lbs.(6.0kg) Ratios: 6:1, 8:1, and 10:1 Tensioned Lazy Kate Drive band 4 - Regular Bobbins Threading Hook Jumbo Plying Head Plying Drive Band Plying Bobbin (5:1, 7:1, and 9:1) Fast Flyer (12:1, 15:1, and 17:1)…

finishing hand spun yarn

Craftsy.com | Express Your Creativity!

You've finished spinning and plying a bobbin (or spindle) full of yarn, congratulations! But what now? How do you get your handspun ready for knitting or crocheting? Here’s how to wind your skein and finish up your yarn so that it is polished and ready to impress!

Indian Head Spinning Wheel 350

Indian Head Spinning Wheel

ashford kiwi super flyer kit

Ashford Spinning Wheel Accessories

Looking for Ashford Spinning Wheel Accessories? We have Ashford supplies like bobbins, jumbo flyers, sliding hook flyers, lazy kates and more for all models