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Thankful for so many things this year!t

Thankful for so many things this year! 😌I finally made another chalk lettered sign. I just couldn't bring myself to erase the first one I made a back in July! ✍️️ Chalkboard from + Imagination Station Dustless chalk.

Kiss the Beagle!

BEAGLE HUNTING - Farewell to my buddy Lucky Boy hunt and tribute Took my beagle Lucky out for one last hunt, he has been ill for the last couple months and confirmed he had cancer.

Mantener la calma y amor beagles por KCalmGallery en Etsy

keep calm and love beagles by Agadart Milsaps L Byrne this made me think of you--I hope you and Emma are well!-I have two little rescue beagles from China and they are absolutely wonderful family members.They get along well with my Cavaliers.