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"CAT SCRATCHER „SCRATCH LONG\" ABOUT US: We are manufacturer of feline furniture: scratchers, cat houses, beds and shelves. PurrFur brand is made up of two elements: love for cats and the need to surround yourself with beautiful things. Our products are characterized by high quality materials, careful workmanship, functionality and stylish design. In our offer each cat will find something for himself. SCRATCHER: Scratch Long is a bigger version of Scratch Pad and continuation of our Retro Line This elegant furniture will look purrfect in modern or classic interior. Stylish scratcher can also be a purffect cat bed. Lot of cats loves cardboard. Th
Looking for a stylish and unique pet food bowl? Look no further than our handmade, handcrafted Retro Earth Tone Ceramic Oblique Pet Food Bowl! Available in three beautiful retro earth-tone colors, this elevated ceramic pet food bowl is perfect for any home décor. Whether you’re looking for a chic addition to your kitchen or something to add a little personality to your pet’s mealtime, this food bowl is sure to please. Plus, it’s designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, so he or she will certain

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a black cat is sitting on the floor looking up at the camera with its eyes wide open
a black and white cat sitting in a basket on the back of a motorcycle's handlebar
a black and white cat sitting in the middle of pink flowers with its eyes closed
Cute Cat | Cute Kitten | Cat Picture | Kitty | Cute Pet | Cat Lover | Cute Animal | Tuxedo Cat
Credit: norwegian_remi (IG) Follow @catsinplaymode for more cat pictures! We do not claim ownership of this video/picture. All rights are reserved and belong to their respective owners. Please DM us for credit or removal. #catsinplaymode #cutecat #kitten #adorablecat #cat #catlover #cutepet #fyp #cuteanimal #tuxedocat #kitty
two cats sitting on top of a wooden cat tower with one looking at the other
Form follows cat with MIKS Series. We created three pieces - Tower, Hideout and the bed to compliment your contemporary interior and fit… | Instagram
an animated image of a woman holding a black cat in her arms and looking at the camera
the drawing shows an open cabinet with drawers and shelves on each side, as well as measurements
CatS Design 2 in 1 Kratzbaum & Katzentoilette Weiß/Kratzbaum Edel/Kratzbaum Grosse Katzen stabil/Inkl. Katzenklo Schrank
two cats sitting on top of a couch in a living room
Luxury sofa, pet dog bed, dog cat bed, sofa
This doghouse that doubles up as a modular sofa has been designed for millennials and their pets!
there is a cat sitting in the holes on the wall next to the couches
Wholesale of pet furniture Cat climbing frame Wall
Wholesale of pet furniture Cat climbing frame Wall