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もりのほん on Twitter: "お仕事の合間に描きますた。  今までに無いモフモフ感!!かわいい!  |

blue eyes blue hair coat from below fur gamuto gamuto (armor) gauntlets hair between eyes hair tubes hat huge weapon leg warmers looking down monster hunter monster hunter x morino hon short hair smile solo standing on one leg sword weapon wide sleev

Street Art Barcelona

Painting 3 : This street art which is right near where I live, grabbed my attention immediately. The girl in this artwork is very different than most of the other women that I have seen in street art. Instead of being very attractive and risqué, she seems

We declare the world as our canvas

Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo’s (aka Bordalo II) creates artwork from junk, but that doesn't make it any less cute! He uses only junk to bring these anim