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Career advice for new leaders
Leading a new team is a dynamic journey that hinges on collaboration and mutual respect. It's not about having all the answers but about recognizing the collective wisdom within your team. By fostering an environment where all team member's unique strengths are acknowledged and embraced, you pave the way for innovation and growth. As a leader, staying flexible, open-minded, and adaptable is your compass for success. Your willingness to evolve sets the tone, inspiring your team to continually see
an info sheet describing how the best leaders deliver difficult feedbacks
Dezin Consulting
We help leaders navigate their way through their leadership challenges and how they can empower them in order to realise their true potential. Dezin has achieved this by building an integrated institute.
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The Importance of Executive Presence and How to Enhance Yours
Unlock your full potential and elevate your career with the power of Executive Presence! This guide explains the 5 Pillars of Executive Presence and provides practical tips and techniques to enhance yours. Whether you're a business leader, entrepreneur, or rising professional, this guide will help you take control of your personal brand and create a lasting impact in any setting. Read it now on the blog.
how to manage under performance a guide for performance improvement
Managing Underperformance
Turn your team's potential into reality. Explore the art of performance improvement and watch your team soar. Leadership. Leadership development. Managing people. Tips for managers. Employee engagement. Employee development. Performance management.
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Embracing Confrontation: A Protocol for Tough Conversations
Embracing Confrontation: A Protocol for Tough Conversations • TechNotes Blog
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10 Ways: How Leaders Become Better - Steve Gutzler
STORYTIME: I've played golf for years and honestly, I haven't improved much. I chalked it up to "I don't play that much". Then, I started asking other golfers what they did to get better. I started gaining some great advice– I thought I'd share in this blog how I relate it to being a better leader, one small change at a time. #leader #change #leadership #habits #success