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three jars filled with sugar sitting on top of a wooden table
NANCY on Instagram: "If you’re wanting to cut the cost of your baking and supermarket shop - here’s a handy switch. Light brown sugar - use 15g black treacle or molasses and dark brown use 25g. Brown sugars are usually packed in plastic not paper so less single use plastic too. Store sugars in sealed jars then they’ll not go hard. The processor I use is Bamix. If you don’t have a microwave warm the sugar and treacle in a low oven. Green Living Made Easy has these recipes along with those for own blend butter and self raising flour. Out today in paperback! Links in bio. #sugar #savemoney #savetheplanet #tips #tipsandtricks #gogreen #buyless #baking #noplastic #brownsugar"
Josia Reichen on Instagram: "„Now, we ride!“

…On our sugarhorses and carriage. Oldschool weddingcaketop - made of sugar:eggwhite 5:1

#weddingcake #weddingcakes #weddingcakesideas #sugarart #pipingskills #sugar #sugarartist #sugarhorses #horseriding #creatuscreare #pastryart #pastryskills #pastrychef"
Josia Reichen on Instagram: "„Now, we ride!“ …On our sugarhorses and carriage. Oldschool weddingcaketop - made of sugar:eggwhite 5:1 #weddingcake #weddingcakes #weddingcakesideas #sugarart #pipingskills #sugar #sugarartist #sugarhorses #horseriding #creatuscreare #pastryart #pastryskills #pastrychef"
a cake decorated with an image of a rabbit holding a carrot on it's side
Maddison Koutrouba on Instagram: "The perfect cake for your Easter table 🤎 For the full recipe, instructions, and tips on how to make these designed sheet cakes head to my website, link in bio! 🐰"
a recipe for homemade cake mix with instructions
there is a cake that has been decorated with flowers and strawberries on the side
Maddison Koutrouba on Instagram: "Strawberry Sponge Cake! 🍓 Find the full recipe on my website along with my Master Guide to help you recreate this recipe on your own! 😊"
a cake decorated with a cartoon dog driving a car
Maddison Koutrouba on Instagram: "I’m back with another Snoopy Sponge Cake! 🤎 I’m so glad you all seem to love these as much as I do! 😊 Find the full recipe with all my tips and tricks to making these cakes on my website, link in bio! 🤎"
there is a cake with strawberries and flowers on it
ND Cooks Asmr on Instagram: "Cake Decorating 338 | Cake Design | Cake Making Tutorial | Cake Recipe | Cake Art #cake #cakedecorating #cakedesign #cakeart #cakemaking #caketutorial #california #usa"
someone is pouring caramel into a bowl on a plate with flowers in the background
Cleide da Silva Custódio de Oliveira on Instagram: "Fazendo essa linda Decoração de Caramelo #Decoração"
an egg yolks in a jar on a table with text overlay that reads, 2 egg yolks 50g sugar 35g butter 1 lemon
NANCY on Instagram: "LEMON CURD - made in a minute. 🍋 Microwave timings are based on 1000w machine. Longer times for lower wattage machines. Energy costing - Utilita energy. 1 microwave minute costs £0.009. Can be made in a saucepan in just the same way. Keep stirring over a low heat until thickened. #fastfood #nofoodwaste #lemoncurd #lemonrecipes #microwave #saveenergy #savemoney #nofoodwaste #leftovers #eggyolks"
cake box hack for tall cakes
The Packing Company on Instagram: "Reach New Heights with This Cake Box Hack: Elevate Your Tall Cakes to the Next Level 🍰🩷✨️ #CakeBoxHack #TallAndTasty #BakingHacks #CreativeConfections"
a person is decorating a cake with colorful sprinkles on top of it
Valeria Ansuini on Instagram: "Abbiamo un compleanno da festeggiare domani 🎈🥰 Ho provato a preparare il cake topper con il numero. Ho usato cioccolato bianco sciolto e zuccherini. Lasciato raffreddare in frigo. Et voilà! Che ne dite?! 🎂#caketopper #compleanno #torta"
a person holding a video game controller in their hand
Maffy’s Cake Boutique on Instagram: "How to make Edible Pearls An essential component of cake decorating, particularly prevalent in wedding cakes, is the addition of edible pearls. If you prefer not to purchase pre-made ones that tend to scatter and are costly, or if you require customized sizes, creating your own is an ideal solution. The process is incredibly simple and time-efficient. ~Knead the Fondant. ~Add a bit of tylose power. ~Make sure all of your pearls are the same size. ~You can use your fingers to roll the fondant into a thin sausage shape. ~Cut out some small squares evenly with a craft knife. ~Then, just roll them into perfect balls. ~Let them dry. ~When they're dry, sprinkle some lustre dust over them and mix well. ~That’s it! Your perfect pearls are ready! ?
a person is holding a cake pan with eight cakes in it and there are holes on the bottom
Chef AL keif on Instagram‎: "follow @chef_al_keif شيف عالكيف 🍒🧁🎂🍰Cake Nozzle Size And Style #nozzlesize #cakenozzle #caketutorial #reels"‎
a person is holding a fake oreo cake
HELO TRAINOTTI | Maternar e Empreender on Instagram: "Que tal elevar sua confeitaria a um novo patamar com o sabor irresistível das bolachas Oreo? Prepare-se para explorar três ideias revolucionárias e deliciosas que vão encantar seus clientes desde a primeira mordida! #maeempreendedora #oreocake #oreodecoradas #confeitariaartesanal"