Uñas para estas navidades

Super Charming Snowflakes Nail Art Designs

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Getting the right pressure for the thickness of the lines would have to be practiced well

polka uñas

20 Diseños para hacerle a tus uñas un manicure francés

Most Amazing Manicure Ideas for Catchier Nails - Pouted Online Lifestyle Magazine

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Inspirations nail arts géométriques

You can purchase special tape specifically for nail art, however, normal tape works just as well if you can cut it neatly :)

Anchor Nail Decal/ Nail Stencils

Anchor Nail Decal/ Nail Stencils

Make your manicure go nautical ~ use these cute anchor nail stickers for a fun seaside nail design! Outsides are included with each vinyl. 30 decals in all.