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I've mentioned before that I'm not crazy about the scary aspect of Halloween, but I do still love to decorate for holidays. Thankfully, there is Halloween decor out there that is cute and fun, and .

Romance in Red - Combine simple designs and classic red-and-cream prints for an endearing cozy pillow.

Sew handmade pillows, pillowcases, and pillow shams to match any decor--no matter how often you change it out! Our free pillow patterns feature both neutral and traditional patterns to standout and seasonal designs!

Halloween Witch Hat Pillow

Give your Halloween living space a bit of trendy witchy fun with our Halloween Witch Hat Pillow! A patterned bow and fun style make this a sweet addition to any Halloween decor!

Black Bow Spider Pillow

Black Bow Spider Pillow

Add a little Halloween spirit to any space with our Black Bow Spider Pillow! Its stitched spider webbing is sure to catch the eye of any ghost or ghoul!