Salpicón -  colombia

Salpicón is a fresh homemade Colombian fruit beverage. It's served cold and loaded with chopped fruit such as watermelon, papaya, strawberries, pineapple,

Tamal Tolimense

These banana-leafed parcels are a national favourite in Colombia. They are usually eaten for breakfast or for a main course, and are always delicious

Lechona Tolimense     n…n   (  o o )

Lechona, Bogotá, Colombia - Pig Skin Stuffed with Rice, Onion, and Marinated Pork

Chocolate con leche  y almojabanas. Desayuno  o  de merienda .  Es una delicia. Es común encontrarlo  en las mesas  de las  familias  colombianas

Chocolate Santaferño, Bogotá, Colombia - Bitter Hot Chocolate with Pieces of Cheese in it, Served with Slices of Bread

Ajiaco santafereño

Ajiaco Bogotano: Interview with Nohora Smith, Founder of My Colombian Cocina