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In Pictures: 10 Beautiful Destinations, One Step Removed


Punch Bowl Falls are a group of famous waterfalls on Eagle Creek in Hood River County, Oregon, United States. Eagle Creek drains into the Columbia River, with its outlet on the Columbia River Gorge in


La Estrategia del océano azul, Cirque du Soleil y nuestro caso de éxito

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21 Breathtaking Coastlines To Add To Your Bucket List

taken in the final hours of daylight, near the southern tip of Argentina and the edge of Chile, just a glacier’s throw from Antarctica by Trey Ratcliff. The spiked mountains are the Cerro Torre.

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Autumn is the dry season but it has its own colors and beauty. When autumn season comes it brings a lot of different colors along with it. Autumn is season which comes in between summer and winter …


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