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a blue and white plate filled with cookies covered in pistachios on top of a table
Saffron & Pistachio Biscuits Recipe – The Artisan Food Trail
the steps to make tortilla with spinach and cheese
Lebanese Spinach Pies (Fatayer Recipe)
a blue plate topped with cookies covered in pistachio
Ghrayebeh - Middle Eastern Butter Cookies
an easy appetizer recipe made with spinach and feta cheese stuffed pita bread
Spinach Fatayer Recipe
a hand holding a piece of spinach pita bread with the title text above it
Fatayer bi Sabanekh (Lebanese Spinach Pie فطائر - Vegan Spinach Recipe)
hand holding a lebanese spinach pie Recipes, Quiche, Ethnic Recipes, Wfpb Recipes, Traditional Food
Lebanese spinach pie
Fatayer bi sabanekh is a Lebanese spinach pie featuring a delectable sour spinach filling encased in a soft pastry shaped into a triangle. This is a vegan spinach pie or vegan spinach triangle recipe
a close up of a slice of cake on a plate with the words basbousa with cream
Basbousa Semolina Cake with Cream
1h 15m
a close up of a pie on a plate with the words homemade lebanese kanafa
Homemade Lebanese Kanafa
two pieces of food on a plate with seasoning sprinkled on top of them
there is a cake that has been cut in half and covered with green sprinkles
Kunafa with Cream (Ashta) - Easy Arabic Dessert
three pieces of cheesecake on a white plate with pistachios around it
Maamoul Mad b Ashta (Lebanese Dessert) by Zaatar and Zaytoun
Maamoul Mad b Ashta (Lebanese Dessert) by Zaatar and Zaytoun
Medu Vada
This is my foolproof medu vada recipe: a good medu vada is light, fluffy inside with a bready texture and crispy, golden-brown outside. Dunked in piping hot sambar and served with a side of coconut chutney, these vadas are the best way to get your morning started.