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a long table with plates on it in front of a concrete wall
meta - davidpompa
several pieces of art that are sitting on a table with paint and paper in front of them
A Hands-On Approach at BAS Atelier - Florida Design
a modern bathroom with two sinks and lights on the wall above it's mirrors
How To Relish The Richness Of Dark Interior Design
an empty room with benches and tables in it
With A Monochromatic Palette, Michelle Wentworth Brings A Refined Minimalism To NS Residence - IGNANT
an empty hallway with light coming through the doors and shadows on the wall behind it
YinjiSpace - GODOT Design x Live Beauty
印际 - 戈多设计 x Live Beauty 生活馆
a table made out of stone with cups on it
a living room filled with furniture next to a wall
Gallery of Say No Mo Beauty Salon / balbek bureau - 9
an empty hallway with white walls and wooden floors is lit by recessed lighting that are suspended from the ceiling
Water Ripples | The Effect of Corridor Ceiling
a white toilet sitting inside of a black bathroom
three metal objects suspended from the ceiling above some rocks and rock formations in front of a dark background
a black and white photo of a bathroom with lights on the wall, sink and mirror