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Bowen Knife Company has built a knife on the opposite end of a belt buckle. The knife slides right into the back of their specially designed belts for a nice conceal carry. The video shows the knife in action.

The Belt Buckle Knife is a quick way to hide your weapon. It's disguised as a belt buckle. Simply pull it out and engage in a knife fight, or protect yourself.

Karambit like knife.

Muninn knife with dark grey cerakote coated blade and black handle by Bawidamann Blades

Crusader Forge ATAC Neck Knife

Crusader Forge knives in stock. Crusader forge knives are rugged tactical knives. New Crusader forge knives in stock, for immediate delivery.

JB-208 ‹ Brous Blades. Nice blade, but this and almost all other knives from here are always sold out.

‹ Brous Blades: * This would be a knife he would keep in a sheath on his plate carry rig

The KnuckleDuster Cobra Knife. 5 1/2 in. blade 10’ overall. Knife Pics

Knife Pics — The KnuckleDuster Cobra Knife. 5 ½ in.

Springfield SOCOM 16

Springfield SOCOM 16 - This weapon is great for hunting with almost no recoil and light wieght which makes it easy to handle.

Murphy Bed Frames - I've always wanted a Murphy Bed for the kids room. Fold up during the day, leaving the room for more "play area".

Murphy Bed Frames - Fold up during the day, leaving the room for more "play area".