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monarquía by robert capa

nder the watchful eyes of U. troops bearing bayonets, members of the Italo-German armistice commission in Morocco are rounded up to be taken to Fedala, north of Casablanca, on November Commission members were surprised in American landing move.

saludos by robert capa

US troops of the Infantry Division leaving the port of Weymouth, England en route to Omaha Beach in Normandy - June 1944 Photo by Robert Capa

festival by robert capa

Tel Aviv The rusting hulk of the Altalena, beached since she was rallied upon by Israeli government troops a year earlier. (Robert Capa © International Center of Photography)

gerra by robert capa

Eye witness: Hungarian photography in the century will celebrate Hungary’s modern photographic tradition using images such as this one by Robert Capa. Collaborator woman who had a German soldier's child, Chartres, 18 August 1944

salida by robert capa

by Robert Capa The Spanish Civil War. January Running for shelter during the air raid alarm. The city was being heavily bombed by Fascist planes as General Franco's troops rapidly approached the city.