Playa de las catedrales, Galicia, España

Cathedrals Beach, Galicia, Spain - wanderlust wish list - natureza - natural - nature - naturaleza - beauty

Azores,Portugal (scheduled via

Azores - Vila Franca do Campo is a Portuguese village on the island of Sao Miguel, Azores, home to a small municipality with km² and inhabitants, divided into six parishes.

Camaiore (Lu), Italy

Camaiore (Lu), Italy

Punta Gallinas, Guajira Colombia #Colombia #travel

Colombia is not just one big jungle: Visit the amazing desert at Punta Gallinas, Guajira Colombia

16 Most Beautiful Beaches in Colombia | Travelastronaut

16 Most Beautiful Beaches in Colombia

The most beautiful beaches and seaside locations in Colombia Colombia is famous for a lot of this things for example for coffee fields, the friendly people, the


10 lugares increíbles de Colombia que seguro no conoces

The grand terraces of the central ceremonial site of Teyuna overlooking the jungle valleys beyond. According to archeological study, these were built around 1200 AD

Cabo San Juan Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, Colombia. Photo Credit: @fabianvs via @southamerica

One of the million mind-blowing things this country has to offer: Cabo San Juan, Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona.

Isla Gorgona, en el Pacífico Colombiano #Ballena #Océano #Colombia

The just 9 km long island Gorgona at the Pacific Coast of Colombia is a great place to observe whales! The whale season is from July to October.

Nuquí, Chocó - Colombia. Hotel El Cantil

Nuquí, Chocó - Colombia. Hotel El Cantil