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Hand Holding a Joint or Cigarette with an Eye - Tattoos Vectors

Hand Holding a Joint or Cigarette with an Eye - Sexy cigarette smoking smoking fetish bdsm Domme Mistress Sasha

These use of multiple z's which is often placed with the idea of sleeping, help emphasize the word Lazy. Even though lazy isn't spelled with multiple Z's the reader can figure out what the word is due to the subscript z's.

The use of the extra Z's is useful in this logo because the lazy implies sleeping through things.


This is my favorite logo using negative space. The bullet shoots through the word as if there is depth, since it is going over and under the type.

Cos'è? Esempio tipografia con messaggio Conteso? Immagine trovata su Pinterest Materiali usati: computer per elaborazione grafica Perché è interessante? E' un'immagine estremamente semplice ma che nella sua semplicità fa trasparire un messaggio chiaro e diretto. La lettere O rende da sola il significato della stessa parola. La realizzazione fa in modo che con una lettura veloce non ci si accorga della O ma che comunque si legga FOCUS.

It seems I have a thing for liking simple types of fonts. This type puts the word into use by making everything outside of the "focus" circle blurry and everything inside of it super sharp and easy to read. The circle acts as a view finder for cameras as

Movers logo by @ramotion Follow them for cool designs!

Movers logo by One color logo. This is a simple design but gets a lot of information across quickly. Great use of negative space. Typeface sans serif is simple and easy to read