Pitter y Glink copos de escarcha: barras de pegamento, pistola de pegamento caliente, papel de cera, detergente, plantilla del ornamento, brillo, Podge Mod; Pequeño cepillo de pintura, cuerda o alambre. Utilice la imagen simple, no demasiado pequeño. Coloque papel de cera sobre plantilla. Cubra con papel de cera detergente mezclado con agua. Rastrear imagen, flujo continuo de pegamento funciona mejor.

Hot Glue Glittered Snowflake Ornaments featuring Bethany from Pitter & Glink {Handmade Ornament No.11

wax paper over template. Cover wax paper with dish detergent mixed with water. Trace image using a continuous stream of glue. Dry, peel from paper. If paper sticks, run under cold water. Add more glue to any weak spots.

Christmas Flowers

Christmas/winter wedding Tall vase centrepiece with baubles inside - Taller vase than this but similar effect and more mixed arrangement at the top -

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40 Mind Boggling Christmas Flower Decoration IdeasChristmas is a world wide celebrated event. Friends and family come together to mark Lord Jesus


I Love Cindy's decorative painting inches tall and in diameter gourd painted by Cindy McKinney

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Hand painted Santa Hand Painted Gourd Shabby Chic by CupsAndRoses, $35.00

Hand painted Santa - Hand Painted Gourd, Shabby Chic, Victorian St.Nick