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Artifact #7: Inuyasha quilt. Literacy as an adaptation - adapting the characters of Inuyasha into their world. It takes special craftsmanship to make an entire quilt. The design pattern is amazing and it looks comfortable too. Context/function- creating a quilt that is Inuyasha inspired to use to go to bed and sleep with, showing that no matter how hard you work in a day fighting off evil demons or whatever you might be doing, you always have a home and bed to go back to when the day is…

I would never theme my entire bedroom around Inuyasha.or any anime, but I wouldn't mind having the quilt for in the living room or something

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"Inu-yasha - woah, very cool. I want to do this, paint an illustration on my bedroom wall, except I would paint Ronin Yoshino with Kagekiri ^_^"

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{ be the baby } I giggle at my momma as I eat my cookie. She smiles and pushes my stroller back and forth. I giggle more. "Dixie calm down." she tells me. { credit to }

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