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the jw logo is shown in green on a light pink background with black letters
Jewelry logo :)
I played around with the jewelry & gem idea and insert a diamond inside the logo.
the logo design for steryln is shown on a red background with white lines
Logo design for jewelry brand | S letter logo
the word sa is written in cursive white on a dark green background,
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the letter a is made up of two green trees and leaves on top of each other
Leaves A Logo
the combination of letter a with plants, good in the use of one color, looks beautiful and attractive, this logo is suitable for many industries related to nature
the letter b is made up of leaves and berries on a purple background with pink accents
Branding, Logos & Design Inspo on Instagram: "@madeby_foundry Blueberry Blueberry believe differences shouldn’t mean difficult. Blueberry help makers with learning differences to gain independence, experience, and employment through dedicated support. They allow all abilities to flourish. We developed their brand from the ground up, creating a custom wordmark logo and 'B' monogram which seamlessly houses a blueberry. We developed a rally call brand message: ‘squish the stigma’. This champio
a red heart with the words you can miss them and still choose peace