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an artistically designed vase is displayed on a white surface with a gold and black design
three figurines made out of jute and straw are standing on a table
a doll is sitting on a shelf with a handbag in it's hands
a woman holding two buckets on top of a green rug next to straw hats
Из пряжи, но не вязаные. 5 необычных вещей из джута, которые несложно сделать самостоятельно - Блог интернет-магазина "Мир Вышивки"
De hilo, pero no tejido. 5 cosas inusuales del yute que no son difíciles de hacer - Blog of the Embroidery World online store
two figurines made out of rope and hats on display against a red background
a collage of photos showing different things made from fabric and wood, including straw bags
Table decor and favors for a Colombian Theme Party. Centros de mesas y souvenirs/recuerdos para una fiesta temática Colombiana.
a person is holding a bag with some type of label on it that says noa quta
Invitaciones de boda originales
El Verbo Regalar II: Invitaciones de boda originales
the wedding stationery is laid out with twine and burlaps on it
Como fazer Convite de Casamento Rústico com Juta? DIY | Faça você mesmo | Tutoriais [casamento]
Quer aprender a fazer esse convite de casamento com juta? ❤ Clique na imagem e vá direito para o nosso canal no youtube para colocar a mão na massa! Convite de Casamento - DIY - Faça Você Mesmo
several stacks of burlocks are stacked on top of each other in front of piles of coins
invitaciones handmade Archives - Página 2 de 2 - Project Party Blog
invitaciones handmade Archives - Página 2 de 2 - Project Party Blog
there are many items on the wall with flowers and scissors next to eachother
a t - shirt with an image of a clown wearing a hat and holding a balloon
a painting of a mexican woman wearing a sombrero
an african woman with colorful hair and jewelry
Carnaval de Barranquilla 2020
a painting of a woman holding a bowl with food on it's head and the words columbia above her head
Colombia palenquera
Cartagena colombiana
a woman with a large metal bowl on her head in front of a cloudy sky
Colombia, the only risk is wanting to stay
a woman in an orange and blue dress is preparing food
Fruit Vender | Colombia #MaravillasLatinoamericanas #LoQueNosInspira #LasTurcas
a woman in a colorful dress and headdress poses with her arms spread out
a painting of a woman cooking on the beach with fruit in front of her,
Palenquera Carlos Bertel Carrasco - Artelista.com
a painting of a woman with a bowl on her head and watermelon in the background
a woman with bright paint on her face and red headband smiles at the camera
a man with colorful feathers on his head and body is posing for the camera in black and white
Funny Face, From Carnaval De Barranquilla
a man with black face paint wearing a colorful headdress and feathers on his hat
Carnaval de Barranquilla
an umbrella made out of purple and white flowers on the ground next to a wall
two coffee mugs are sitting next to each other on a black background with the words, perfect drops may easy
Picot Drops Mug Cozy | Free Crochet Pattern
four crocheted mugs with bows on them
Tazas y mates
there is a knitted cup and saucer set on the table with two cups
a pink knitted coffee cup with a button on the side and an orange handle
Cubre taza
a knitted coffee cup with a red heart in the middle and sale tag next to it
a crocheted coffee cup cozying next to a mug holder on the ground
two coffee mugs with red crocheted hearts on them sitting next to each other
a crocheted coffee cup is being held by someone
#CROCHET#TUTORIAL#FÁCIL TAZA A CROCHET PASO A PASO | Taza porta vasos a crochet muy fácil de hacer
an ukulele and two wooden mallets on a white background with the word venezuela painted on them
Tradiciones y artesanía criolla
a tree with roots in the shape of a flag and words above it that say,
a bag of coffee beans hanging from a hook
three pairs of shoes made to look like musical instruments sitting on a marble counter top
Imanes para decorar la nevera.
Elaborados en foami.
two figurines sitting on top of each other
Paisans Medellin (Colombia)
Mis llaveros de colombianitas, amo hacerlos, el diseño es mío y me encanta Biscuits, Ornaments, Navidad, Arreglos Florales, Novelty
Colombianita en porcelana fría
Mis llaveros de colombianitas, amo hacerlos, el diseño es mío y me encanta
a hand holding a small toy with a hat on it's head and food in the other hand
My friend went to Colombia and brought me a souvenir from her city.. Going there is Definetly on my bucket list. #travel #adventures #colombia #medellin #loves
a cake decorated with a woman's dress and flowers on top of a card board
the table is decorated with colorful flowers and decorations for an event or celebration in front of a large flag
a pair of crocheted slippers with stars and stripes
Cocuizas Venezuela Instagram @Tejidos_Valentinas
two crocheted keychains sitting next to each other
😲 se VENDEN como pan caliente! Imagínalos con los colores de tu bandera! | 😲 Imagínalos con los colores de tu bandera! se VENDEN como pan caliente - Excelente idea para tu emprendimiento en minutos. #tejer #tejermola... | By Lanitas y Colores Crochet | Hello everyone welcome to Lanitas and Colores I hope you are super well today I will be teaching you how to knit a beautiful project super easy to do that looks beautiful and we will also be using only scraps of yarn or wool that you have mos of other projects see that I have very few materials these three are of the same type are macrame and have a measure of about two millimeters thick I'll be knitting them this project with a hook of three millimeters will also a scissors, an agu ha and sewing thread and a bunch of these that are for making keychains. Let's start with a slide hoop or magic ring we do this spin, place our hook pull out a lace and with a chain we secure our hoop. Then to begin we will knit three chains these three chains will count us as a high point we take the roast and we will begin to knit within our earito high points this way until we have a total of eighteen high points s that counting the three chains we did at the beginning well, look, we already have here eighteen high points, now we will halar this remaining until we can close as much as you can, will not close complete, because we have many points, but we have to squeeze it as much as p we hate, that we have a good circle little one here, then we place here, the third starting chain and we're going to make a slip point. We're going to add a chain to start the next round and in this third chain, here where we just closed, we're going to weave a low point. Now we are going to go for each of the points we made in the first lap by making a low point in each space, which means that at the end of the lap we are going to have eighteen low points well then we have finished our vue Ita number two with eighteen low dots we will locate the first low point we made up here and instead of being slip point we will directly knit another point under this low point will be the first point of our lap number three so the ideal e s we put it on a score so we don't miss it. So in this lap eh number three we will weave the same sequence of lap two a low point in each space and so we will weave lap three lap four and lap number five okay we already have here the five laps, that is, cua tro turns around of low points, this is how it is staying then here at the end of lap five if we are going to remove the marker and close our lap with slip point then for lap number six we will start weaving three chains and into that same p Unto let's knit a double high point okay let's take one and two lazadas on our hook and weave a double high point taking our lazadas out two by two okay? Here we have two points, the double high point and the chains are going to count us as a point we take double lazada again, we go to the next point and likewise we will knit two double high points pulling out two in two one double lazada in e l same space weave a second okay double lazada point we go to the next point and weave again two double high points and following this same sequence we will complete the entire lap number six we will have two double high points on each of our spaces okay ya we finished with this lap, see how cute is a mini hat, then we will finish in the third string with which we started doing a sliding point and we will add a last lap, this lap is super easy, let's do a chain we going to the next point and we'll make a slip point is to make a small edge we added a chain, next slip point chain slip point in the next space and so we'll continue until give the whole turn well and we gave all the turn, Look how this little belly looks super cute, so here after the last point slide here, we will add a chain, let's talk, leaving a piece of material, and I have cut here my thread then we will take it out completely and we will place a wool needle to finish r then we'll pass here to the first slid point we did this way and now taking only this edge of here from the last point we made on the turn we are going to pass this side we squeezed very well and so we finish now then we just have to add a naked and hide a piece of material now this little piece of thread we have left here before cutting it we will hide it very well just like we did in the other remaining with our wool needle before cutting because remember that this is the magic bead the slip bead and if not hide and secure well then we can leave releasing our fabric Well, then so is our hat, see how beautiful it fits us perfectly for a keychain and we'll leave it to a ladito to make some decorations, come on to make some flowers to decorate it and give it a touch much more beautiful, so for that we will start with a slid bead such as we started with the hat piece and we will do to start a low point in the center of our bead after this low point we will weave three chains and n the center of Our hoop, again a point under chains. Low point, then we will follow this same sequence until we have five petals, notice that here have been formed two petals like petals, we will continue then until we have five, okay we already have here five petals, then after the last pu nto low let's make a chain let's go this remaining to close well okay? Look how the little flower looks on us. We're going to cut the material leaving a little bit we pull out completely and with the needle of wool we're going to close our flower, then we're gonna be located here at the first point down we squeeze well look how it looks and then here by the part of at ras we will secure with a knot and hide the piece of wool look how the flower is, super small, then we're going to place it here see, I'm going to knit another flower in another color, to add two to my decoration, but you if you want to add more flower s, they can do it even cover all around the hat, or three little flowers, four, the amount you want well, then I have here my two little flowers, and we will also knit a chain see, simple to have the measure of this part of here okay then ah pray what we are going to do is sew all I'm going to sew with thread and normal sewing needle, you can also do it with if you, if you prefer, with cold silicone or so just like me, cooking with needle and thread then we already glued this chain the cooked and now then we go s to hit him here to cover that stitch the two florcitas or the number of florcitas that you have made three or four equally we're going to sew well friends, see how it's already ready this beautiful project, this beautiful sombrerito with their Sticky flowers, I made another one here as you can see it is smaller because I used a thinner material this pink color is thinner and see it got smaller so the size of this hat will depend on the thickness of the material you guys use, so now it is This is something we can use to multiple things, that is to decorate any little thing, I in this case will use it as a keychain and if you want to use it in the same way, we will do something super simple, a nudito slid, we are located up here where you want os that hang the keychain we do slip point and then we will knit about four or five chains more or less here, then here in the last chain, place the plait that would be for keychain or to hang in some bag as an ornament, if you guys have another idea q Things we can do with this beautiful project, let me know in the comments. Okay, so look, I finished my keychain, as it is cute, super, super pretty, so, this is a good idea to use those leftover yarn and wool that we have to give them a special use either to sell or to give away rear something very beautiful to Crochet, I hope you liked this tutorial, remember to give me a like subscribe to my channel if you have not yet done so and if you want to continue enjoying my tutorial videos and the invitation is for the next video of lanitas and colors, until lueg o
there is a hand that has some bracelets on it and two flowers in the background
Tricolor colombiano