Educación + Dedicación = Superación

Educación + Dedicación = Superación


5 GOALS TEACHERS SHOULD SHOOT FOR THIS SCHOOL YEAR: Planning of thought and resources can significantly impact your teaching methods, can diminish the time you consume preparing classes and can lower your stress level during the school year.

"La educación es lo que sobrevive cuando todo lo aprendido se olvida"

Using an intervention for Concept of Word, we intervened with kindergarten and first grade groups. We also lowered our need for interventions over the next few years.

Educando mediante las TIC

Media Track specializes in the conversion of printed media contents into structured and searchable text files. The company strives to deliver fastest conversion service in order to be able to deliver fastest to the clients.

Más bibliotecas, y menos bancos.

Mafalda & Felipe: "Wouldn't the world be beautiful if the libraries were more important than the banks?