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a close up of a stuffed animal with a full moon in the back ground behind it
a baby yoda doll with a towel wrapped around it's neck
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the baby yoda is floating in space
Baby Yoda
a baby yoda riding on top of a toy car
a baby yoda riding on a roller coaster with its mouth open and tongue out
the baby yoda doll is wearing adidas clothing
the baby yoda is sitting in a highchair with a bowl and spoon
there is a baby yoda in the crib with stuffed animals
a baby yoda doll next to cookies in a glass jar on a wooden table
the baby yoda is eating french fries and holding a drink in one hand while sitting on a table
the baby yoda doll is being held by someone's hand with it's tongue sticking out
yoda saying i haven't posted a selfie in a while but i still am very cute just to keep you updated