Cute for kitchen

11 x 14 Original acrylic painting on canvas. Stretched canvas on a wood frame ready to hang- no frame needed! All paintings are original art and hand

How to get splinters out

How to Remove a Splinter with Baking Soda. Splinters can sometimes be removed with baking soda and a bandaid. You will have to clean and dry the area and then apply baking soda to the splinter. Place a bandaid over the splinter and then.

Leonid Afremov #paintings #art

The Sui Generis Paintings of Leonid Afremov - Leonid Afremov has mastered the art of using just oil paint and a palette knife to manifest a visual explosion of color.

One Kings Lane - Color Theory - Michelle Armas, Antonia    Abstract art with lovely colors

Antonia print by Michelle Armas print of my popular Antonia painting. Formerly known as the Antonia Calendar, but with the number thingy missing.

Like the colors

Abstract Jazz painting art music paintings by Debra Hurd Original art painting by Debra Hurd -

Original Jazz Painting By Debra Hurd whose paintings are collected internationally.