Colombian Empanadas, uy como tengo mucho hambre ahora... Oh, Colombia how you stole my heart <3

Empanadas from Colombia

Colombian empanadas are similar to other empanadas, but these are difference. The Colombian empanada is made of a corn meal flour and it is generally deep fried. They are an excellent Colombian food.

isla de providencia -beautiful

Colombia has the most important arrecife in the world. San Andrés, Providencia, Santa Catalina, y los Cayos in the Caribbean Sea.

Guatavita - The bullfigting rig

Guatavita and the legend of “El Dorado”

Guatavita is a popular destinations for a day trip from Bogota, Colombia and it's close to Lake Guatavita, famous for the Legend of El Dorado.

Parque -Bogotá-Colômbia.

One of the world's greenest capitals, Bogotá, Colombia has about 5200 thirteen parks and 13 wetlands throughout the metropolitan area.

Laguna la Plaza (Santander) , Colombia.

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