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Ok, one thing is wrong. Cursing is rude. We eat the rude. Only Abel Gideon self-cannibalizes so let's not do that. Hannibal Funny, Hannibal Tv Series, Nbc Hannibal, Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal Quotes, Will Graham, Real Quotes, Psychopath, Superwholock

@eveisawesome Those are all real quotes from the show. Other than the last two. You need to watch this.

Hannibal: Will is going insane (pretty much this) Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal Funny, Hannibal Tv Series, Nbc Hannibal, Will Graham Hannibal, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Going Insane, Hugh Dancy, Film Serie

Funnibal - Will + Insane by Vivalski on DeviantArt

hehehe I know some of you were waiting for more I was watching "Ace Ventura, pet detective" two days ago and I just...... The Madhouse scene was great X... Funnibal - Will + Insane

just willy things Hannibal Series, Nbc Hannibal, Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham Hannibal, Hannibal Funny, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tv Show Games, Hugh Dancy, Still In Love

just willy things

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