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Bonobo (The bonobo is one of the most rare and intelligent animals in the world. They are a similar size to a chimpanzee, but bonobos are more slender and have smaller heads and smaller ears). Bonobos are found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.

no molestar

Chin up Ya Kwanza, a silverback gorilla stands in the "Gorilla's Camp" enclsure at the Amneville zoo in France on April Ya Kwanza arrived with seven other gorillas from other western zoos, as part of the European Breeding of an Endangered Species program.

La Alarma No Sono   True Story

I looked like this this morning! That is my face when i wake up when the alarm clock goes off . Cause its like reeeeeaally do i have to get up and that is also how my hair looks when i wake up:-V