Consists of 3 Things: -The concept of Irony and Duality -Minimalistic Designs -Appearances
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three boxes with different designs on them, one is blue and the other is brown
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Atum Packaging, box design, 2-colour packaging, blue packaging, cardboard packaging, natural product, biodegradable product, mould control product – Graphic Design by Uniful Design
a brown box with a white label on it sitting on top of a wooden table
There’s a Subscription Box for Minimalists
There's a subscription box for almost anything, even those who want less (but better) stuff. Minimalism & Co is a company that delivers sleek, well-designed goods from indie designers to your door.
two different views of the same planet and one with an object in it's center
Duality with contrasting color schemes, not my favorite but I feel like it illustrates a concept of an "Abyss" (the blue pool) that could be translated to stage.
an animated image of two people with alien makeup and one is looking at the camera
Power Rangers Duality - Trakeena OptimumBuster on Deviantart
Power Rangers Duality - Tanya Sloan by OptimumBuster Amazing Singing, Zeo Rangers, Singing Voice, Best Actress, In Space
Power Rangers Duality - Tanya Sloan by OptimumBuster on DeviantArt
Power Rangers Duality - Tanya Sloan by OptimumBuster