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a map of park haven in the middle of the ocean with a yellow ribbon over it
The other maps here inspired me to draw mine in 3D
a map with the words, your island on it and an image of a park
Animal Crossing New Horizons on Instagram: “Some amazing map inspo! Credit to”
the map for shadow cay, which is located in an area with lots of trees and
I've remodeled my island five separate times since March 20th. Spent nearly 2 million bells on each change. I think I finally have a layout I am okay with.
an image of a map that looks like a game with the name garbage on it
an image of a house that is in the middle of two different pictures, one with stairs
I posted a video of my tiered neighborhood yesterday and got many requests for the dimensions so I decided to make it available to anyone interested in implementing this kind of design :) Use this as a start and add more space to it if you like! Happy terraforming!