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a list with some words on it and an image in the bottom right hand corner
Hilariously Brutal Letters Of Disappointment From Girls To Their Exes – DEFUSED
an image of the word said on a white sheet with black writing and red letters
an image with the words emotions people may feel but can't explain
an image of a page with the words earth and other things to see on it
an ice definition is shown in the text above it, and below it are two types of ice
an energy diagram with the words energy on it
the text is written in two different languages
Zatanna's Powers/Elementals
an electronic device with the words electricity / lighting on it's side and two different types
the words are written in different languages and have been placed on top of each other
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the text is displayed in blue and white
Fell For You (OC X Avocato)
a poster with the words'more syonomyms for dislike '
More Synonyms for "dislike" | Writing Tips