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the words how many apples grow on a tree? all of them
111 Best Dad Joke Memes That Will Make You Laugh
a blackboard with the words what kind of shoes do frogs wear? open toad
a hand holding a tray with the words i don't spoil my grandkids, i'm just very accommodating
Top 10 grandmother quotes ideas and inspiration
1000+ Grandmother Quotes on Pinterest | Grandchildren, Death ...
a woman sitting in a chair with a bowl of food on her lap and the caption reads 99 % of a child's awesomeness comes from their grandmother just saying
a penguin with the words who's a penguin's favorite relatives?
130+ Hilarious Winter Jokes to Make Everyone Laugh
a cartoon shows a man cooking in the kitchen with another man talking to him about what he is doing
NobleWorks Hilarious Birthday Greeting Card with 5 x 7 Inch Envelope (1 Card) Bday Potato Leek Soup Birthday 4448Z
a large herd of sheep walking down a road with the caption, what do you call a herd of sheep tumbling down a hill?
Corny Memes & Puns For Lovers Of Dad Jokes