Blue Short Sleeve Ruffles Batwing Chiffon Blouse

SheIn offers Blue Short Sleeve Ruffles Batwing Chiffon Blouse & more to fit your fashionable needs.

Sleeping Beautiful Bed Skirt

Sleeping Beautiful Bed Skirt in Full. Standing back and admiring the way youve beautifully blanketed your bunk with the most charming sheets and the coziest of comforters, you realize that it still seems to be missing an awe-inspiring essence.

I love this.

A regal and romantic look for any occasion. This impressive sterling silver ring is set with a 1 carat heart shaped created ruby, and laced with carat single cut white diamonds. A ring fit for a princess.

My hair might be too short for this, but I want to try it anyway.

Roll a sock into your hair, get a bun. Roll the sock OUT of your hair, get curls. Exactly what this bucket-showering Ukrainian girl needs. And maybe every other girl, too.

A curling tutorial with a method I have NEVER seen before. And frankly, this woman is a flippin' genius.

Tutorial for girls with straight hair who want natural looking curls. She uses a method with a curling iron that I've never seen anyone use before. Will try for my girl that has beautiful straight hair and wants curls!