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Effigy, Design, Arts And Crafts, Bonito, Calumet, Awesome
Bags, Bead Weaving, Leather Pouch, Anthropology, Tipi, Bead Work, American Clothing
Anthropology Division | American Museum of Natural History
Pouches, Woodland Indians, American Indian Art, Handwork, Lakota
Patchwork, Indiana, Loom Bracelets, Bead Leather, Bead Loom Bracelets
Bracelets, Native American, Plains Indians
Anthropology Division | American Museum of Natural History
Beading Patterns, India, Amigurumi Patterns, Native Beadwork
Pipe Bag
Boho Fashion, Handarbeit, Bead Designs
Native Americans, Native American Clothing
Taschen, Beaded Pouch
Leather Working
Anthropology Division | American Museum of Natural History
American Jewelry
Native American Totem, American, Greats, Indian Nation
A WESTERN GREAT LAKES PIPE. c. 1860... (Total: 2 Items) Paintings | Lot #55158 | Heritage Auctions
Inspiration, Antiques
Sioux Quilled Calumet Pipe Stem with Inlaid Catlinite Bowl
Woodworking, Dream Catchers, Statue, Pipe Smoking, Pipes For Sale
Sold at auction Plains Pipe Auction Number 2705M Lot Number 109 | Skinner Auctioneers
Wood, Wood Puzzles, Native American Drums
(#158) Sioux Wood Puzzle Pipe Stem Together With A Chippewa Pipe Stem
Diy, Bowl, Eastern Woodlands
Pipe Bowl and Stem | Ojibwa | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Running Horses, Stone Bowl
Sold at auction Sioux Running Horse Effigy Catlinite Pipe Bowl Auction Number 2983B Lot Number 79 | Skinner Auctioneers
First Nations, Meerschaum, Anthony William
Sold at auction Plains Turtle Effigy Pipe Auction Number 2596B Lot Number 151 | Skinner Auctioneers
Grinnell, Stems
Cowan, Twist, Sioux Nation, Fine Art, Auction
Plains Twisted Pipe Stem with Inlaid Catlinite Bowl
Knives, Yankton, Objects, Gallery
Nice, Horse Head, Native American Photos
Bonhams : A Plains horse effigy catlinite pipe bowl
Bonhams Auction, Homemade Tools
Sold at auction Dakota Pipe Auction Number 2893B Lot Number 111 | Skinner Auctioneers
Brass Tacks, Wooden Pipe, Handmade Pipe, Arrowheads, Indigenous Americans
Plains Tacked and Wire-Wrapped Pipe Stem with Catlinite Bowl
Minnesota, Ancient Aliens
Messiter Pipe | Yankton Sioux | The Metropolitan Museum of Art