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ADORNOS DE NAVIDAD FÁCILES DE HACER                              …

Kid's Craft: this one looks easy enough for kids to do - wrapping Styrofoam ball with fabric to make a Christmas kissing ball

adornos de navidad reciclados 19                              …

Easy to make tabletop Christmas tree. Love this unique idea to use pages of a book to create the shape of a tree.

Adorno de navidad con corchos                              …

Caroling Cork Angels - These darling little caroling angels are made from recycled wine corks. Use as Christmas tree ornaments or put around the neck of a wine bottle you give as a Christmas gift instead of a bow.

adornos-para-decoracion-de-navidad-diy (22)                              …

How to make Vase of Glue step by step DIY tutorial instructions DIY, Do It Yourself,