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The Trauma Informed Teacher – Silent Front Line

I hate the first week of school. It fills me with anxiety and dread. I once loved the smell of new crayons and was excited over the new backpacks and folders. Now I worry. I parent children from ha…

Sounds Like Auditory Processing Disorder

Everything you need to know about central auditory processing disorders (CAPD) — including a symptoms checklist and treatment information.

17 Happiness Rules When ADHD Emotions Go Awry

People with ADHD feel everything more vividly. When it comes to passion, joy, and curiosity, this is a good thing. When it comes to rejection, overwhelm, and anger, powerful emotions can be debilitating. Learn to keep your feelings under control with these 17 tips from Ned Hallowell.

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria: How To Make It Better

A little peek into what Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria looks like, how it feels, and how to deal with it!

How to reduce overwhelm with ADHD — ADDept: Thriving with ADHD

When everything seems overwhelming and your brain shuts down you may want to run and hide. ADHD brains are more likely to feel this way. Find out why and what to do about it.

Teaching A Child With ADHD | A Heart For All Students

Want to know how to homeschool adhd kids? 19 Effective Teaching Tips That Work! Learn To Harness The Genius Of Your Child's ADHD & Have Fun!

Adult Checklist for Executive Functions Strengths and Weaknesses - LearningWorks for Kids

Task initiation Strengths Examples Efficient Returns e-mails and phone calls promptly Prioritizes Gets out of bed and gets going quickly in the morning Activates him/herself to start on [...]

Q: My Child is Resisting Homeschool Work More and More Each Day!

Is your child tired of school and learning at home? Learn how to help a resistant child find joy through projects and other educational activities.

These 6 Healthy Habits Can Improve Memory & Focus

Do you struggle to stay focused and motivated? These six strategies for building new habits (including everything from blunt reminders to consistent routines) can keep you on track for success.

The Problem of ADHD and Adrenal Fatigue - Why You Are At Risk

Because of ADHD medication, stimulants, and stress - many people with ADHD are at risk of developing adrenal fatigue. But, this article can save you.

10 Fun Activities That Teach Executive Functioning to Kids and Teens - Left Brain Buddha


7 Self-Defeating Behaviors That Aggravate ADHD – and How to Fix Them

Adults with ADHD struggle with these 7 self-defeating behaviors. Here’s how to address them to lead a fuller life.