Ernesto Cortés

Ernesto Cortés

Ernesto Cortés
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artist: unknown in This is such a creative photo! the contrast is so defined. This gorgeous romantic photo shows off the Yin & Yang of the modern day.

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i'm a lost soul stumbling over each stepping stone ; falling into each pit awaiting me ; and slaming my head into the cold ground : i'm worn out of all the bruises that cause me to bleed .

Beyond The Key - Construcción de un programa de instalación de luz Sutil | Fstoppers CLAVE Un paso crucial para mi configuración de iluminación se inicia en la fundación, sólo una luz. Un juego para mi estilo, yo por lo general prefieren utilizar una fuente de luz blanda, como una P hotek Softlighter II , Octobox o Beauty Dish w / calcetín. En función de la modificación, un buen punto de partida para una luz clave es siempre la mitad de potencia. ...

Beyond The Key - Building A Subtle Light Setup Lighting isn't easy, a world-class-perfectly-lit studio portrait happens with a lot of instinct and experience. A strong grasp of lighting comes with experimentation and practice.


Forget the fancy crib bedding and expensive baby gadgets. Sara Connolly breaks down her 9 must-haves before you bring baby home [and some of them may surprise you!

We love classic Hollywood film noir. We love the attitude, the silvery images, the betrayal, the sweeping music, the fatalism, the flawed human characters, the hard-boiled detective, the femme fat…

Scarlet Street 1945 directed by Fritz Lang. Femme fatale Joan Bennett under a street light in the dark night for the film Scarlet street.

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