Salon interior design

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a woman sitting in a chair drinking from a cup with her legs crossed and wearing sunglasses
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this is a bathroom with pink walls and white furniture in the room, along with mirrors on the wall
SALON KOSMETYCZNY MOOD - Lesinska Concept - Premium Design Studio
Gorgeous makeup and hair salon aesthetic
the interior of a salon with pink chairs and mirrors
Ladies hair salon furniture package pink salon chair and mirror set
Bloesemboom roze
STYLERZ24, Stylist in zijden bloemen
a woman standing in front of a pink and purple wall with angel wings on it
House of EL&N in Milano
a woman standing next to a pink bike in front of a store with flowers on display
EL&N Dubai
a pink and white room with flowers on the wall next to a round dining table
the bathroom is decorated in pink and gold
Booth Design for Beauty Co. Kuwait