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Divisibility Rules Division Math Centers Posters Common Co

Number Theory Divisibility Rules Math Posters 4x5, 8x10 or 16x20

These printable divisibility rules posters may be used as anchor charts in your math centers or stations.Students may color the smaller black and white versions (4 per page) and place them their math journals or interactive notebooks.You will receive 1 printable divisibility rules poster with 4 diff...

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Mental Maths Worksheets When a child practices mental Maths, Mathematics becomes quicker and simpler = Maths Mastery! My girls look at their Maths charts (Mini Office A5 Maths) too often during th…

Long Division : Box Method- updated

Long Division : Horizontal Box Method- updated

83 worksheets of Long Division with the Box Method which is a horizontal graphic instead of the traditional vertical graphic. This is a must for struggling learners. The steps are almost the same but much easier to remember and has "clicked" with many of my students. Try it and you will be hooked! A...

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Area Model Division

Jennifer Findley 📓 Teacher on Instagram: “This model for division is kinda amazing! I'm so fortunate to work with an awesome 4th grade math teacher who teaches conceptually. She is…”

Area Model Division

Division Strategies

Division Strategies

These are very basic division strategies designed to introduce the concept. These Division Strategies are strategies that allow students to think differently and learn to manipulate numbers in ways that allow them to feel like they are in control of numbers. Having more than one strategy to turn to ...