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an empty kitchen with wooden cabinets and black stove top oven in the middle of the room
When We Buy A Home, Should We Worry About Repainting AGAIN?
I’d be curious to know if the new homeowners will keep the same color throughout the entire home and live with it, or will they go for the extra expense and choose a color scheme that they love? One may never know. What are your thoughts about this minty green? #Staging
an easter card with two rabbits on it and the words, classic easter colors below
Classic Easter Colors
Remember back in the day when you’d get Easter cards from everyone and they were so soft and beautiful? The colors were like an old story that is read year after year and ages with time. Here they are again. Enjoy!
the best shewn williams colors for your kitchen by donna frasca, colorful clarvyant
The Best Sherwin Williams Colors For Your Kitchen
The Best Sherwin Williams Colors For Your Kitchen
a living room filled with furniture and wall art on it's walls, along with the names of different types of paint colors
Designing A Mood Board Is A Great Visual
Oh, these mood boards are so much fun! They are a really great way to visually see what your room may look like. Planning is key, color is key, and using a visual is definitely a must. These boards are easy to make, and they don’t have to be as precise as mine, but you will need a little computer and application knowledge to get it together. Let me know if I can help you!
three different shades of gray and yellow with the words color can be a behrr
Choosing Beautiful Color Can Be a Behr
Choosing Beautiful Color Can Be a Behr
It's newsletter time! Friends, Holiday Weekend, May, Shades Of Yellow, Healing, Enjoyment, Unconditional Love
Color For Your Home
It's newsletter time!
the words summer blends are in black and white, with an image of three circles
How To Create A Summer Blend of Colors
Seasonal colors, they’re refreshing, exotic, sunkissed, and soothing!
there is an image with the words 10 things to know about color
10 Things to Know and Understand About Color
10 Things to Know and Understand About Color
gray and coral Coral, Pink, Fan, Other Colors, The Coral
Colors That Belong Together
The other day I was watching TV and saw some colors that caught my eye. They were very similar to these two. The coral was cool and saturated, and the gray was crisp and clean. I had to write about them!
four buckets with the names of different colors and font on them, all labeled in black
Color Placement For Your Home
an image of a poster with the words spring has sprung colors on it's side
Spring Has Sprung Colors
Ok yes, it’s a bit early for Spring colors, but still, it’s ok to plan ahead. I love the innocence of Spring colors; they are new, fresh, and just ready to get started in life. That is what I think about when I see pastels.
the color for your home is shown in white and blue, with an image of a button
Color For Your Home: The Perfect Coastal Colors
You better grab this one if you’re looking for a pretty coastal color palette. It’s the perfect blend of neutrals, a little blue, a green, and a golden color with just a little touch of the summer sun. This color palette is for sale for $60. It’s available in Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, or Valspar.
the color for your home is white, blue, and gray with an image of a button on it
Color For Your Home; Keeping Things Simple for 2023
Who needs just color for their home? For 2023 I simplified Decorating by Donna and will offer these color palettes for sale. They will be the best color combinations I know that work well together. I do the work of designing, so you don't have to. #ColorForYourHome
three different shades of coffee on a bed
Cuppa Coffee Color!
Some like it light, some like it dark. Either way you like it, the colors look as good as they taste. This color palette is for sale for $55. Visit my website for contact information.
a bed room with a neatly made bed and two round mirrors
Cozy Nights
On those cold, cold nights, nothing feels better than getting into a bed that is warmer than toast - make those colors cozy! This color palette is for sale for $55. Visit my website for contact information.