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a woman sanding a table with an appliance on the screen and text that reads, what sandpaper grit to use
two shelves with legos on them and one has a toy car in it
50 Times People Showed How They Remade Things Instead Of Throwing Them Away And The Internet Applauded Them
a child in a book shelf with books on it and some baskets under the window
Reading nook made from an old and sad looking entertainment center my mom bought for $20! We took off the doors, sanded and painted it with Benjamin Moore "Hale Navy". Our son loves to snuggle in behind the Winnie the Poo curtains my mom made. We have seen these made into kitchens or dress up mini closets but I haven't seen one like this! It sure is a guy! It even looks great in my moms living room!
two different types of furniture on the same page
an old dresser has been transformed into a dollhouse with drawers and shelves for clothes
Little girls dress up clothes/vanity from old entertainment stand.
a wooden shelf with plants on top of it
a white bottle with a cork in it sitting on top of a wooden table
Play microscope diy