Simon Dewey - En los brazos de José

St Joseph - Pray for us AN UNUSUAL NATIVITY PICTURE -- not a portrait of mother Mary, but of earthly father Joseph cradling the sleeping baby Jesus. Artwork with photography portrait quality by Simon Dewey -

'They Call His Name Jesus' by Dan Freed

Henry Van Dyke's "The Other Wise Man" Becomes a Concert and Stage Production by Daniel Carter

Joseph and Mary on the journey to Bethlehem Luke 2 Collection | Captured Miracles. This fine art photography collection, by Helen Thomas Robson, portrays the birth of Christ. This unique, intimate view of the beginning of Christ’s life on this earth.

Joseph and Mary on the journey to Bethlehem Luke 2 Collection

Joseph holding baby Jesus

Roger Loveless In the Hands of the Father

I love that it's Joseph that's holding Jesus and Mary is asleep! - In the Hands of the Father- Roger Loveless

The Second Luminous Mystery. Jesus.

Morgan Weistling - Water to Wine - OPEN EDITION CANVAS from the Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Gallery featuring fine art prints, canvases, books, porcelains and gift ideas.

Jesus -- "Coat of Many Colors" with flags, fabrics, and symbols representing the cultures of the world.

Artist: Thomas Blackshear Coat of Many Colors shows Jesus adorned with a robe made from fabrics and flags from around the globe.