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an old poem written in black ink on white paper with writing underneath the words i wish i wrote the way
a painting with a quote on it that says, daughter spend your life loving not seeking love ocean need not seek water
the tweet is posted to someone on their phone, and it looks like they are
a pink background with black text that says, neck kisses, coffee dates & midnight car rides
20 Quote Of The Day Motivational -
graffiti written on the side of a building with trees in the background
35 mejores frases de Acción Poética por las calles de México - Más de México
a piece of paper with the words what a plot twist you were
Soulmate Quotes : (notitle) - Quotes Boxes | You number one source for daily inspirational quotes, saynings & famous quotes
the words are written in spanish on a yellow background
Sin duda alguna 😊🌙
the words get in bed and play with me are shown on a black background,
a bed is optional Sexy...YES morning noon and night and any and every where inbetween. Theres no taboo time or place that i dont want to make love to You in some way. Got it Brat?! Hey Your monkey Loves You Sexy So Much More and more and more with every passing second!❤