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Apprends les bases du dessin avec Zephy : dessiner un visage, dessiner une tête, tous les tutoriels sont disponibles sur le blog


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🎨✍️Painting values can be tricky... ⠀ Especially when I’ve found myself in a conundrum where there’s a particular section that just isn’t looking quite right and I’m not entirely sure why. ⠀ One way I like to tackle this is to have the mantra “If there’s a plane changes, there’s a value change” this one I believe I got from the great Steve Huston, shout out to you @stevehustonartist ✌️ ⠀ As always, stay consistent, use reference, have fun with it and remember, it’s only pixels baybee! 🕺✏️

Ambient Occlusion

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Action Poses

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𝙂𝙤 𝙖𝙬𝙖𝙮

Anthromorphic (Tutorials and Examples)

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Art Style meme/OC Ref examples

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"The death of a cis white dude" #art #photography #AccidentalRenaissance #Renaissance

Baroque Poses

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Blood, Sweat and Tears Etc.

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Body Shapes

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Body Structures and Gestures

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Clothes (Tutorials and Examples)

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Expanding the comfort-zone by =FOERVRAENGD on deviantART:

Colouring (Tutorials and Examples)

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Colour Theory

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Side by Side - DANIEL SMITH Artists’ Materials

Colour Palettes

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Drawing Vehicles

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Facial Differences

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Female Anatomy Ref

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Ladies, if you've ever struggled with what goes on before you put on your clothes, it's time to fix that. If you spend the day tugging up bra straps or end the day dying to be released from bra bondage, then, reader, this post is for you. We’re doing a first on my blog: going deep into the confusing world of bra-fitting (and, yes, this will have a historical connection and repercussions for at least one of my patterns!). Read more...

Female Bodybuilders

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1908 French sport dictionary boxing illustration

Fight SFX

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Hairstyle/Hair Colouring (Tutorials and Examples)

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Hands, Feet, Arms and Legs

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eye_tutorial. by Lady2 on DeviantArt

Head (Expressions, Facial Features)

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Hints and Tips (Comics, CSP etc)

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A Gallery of 56 Amazing Promotional Photos of 1982 Si-Fi Movie “Blade Runner”A Gallery of 56 Amazing Promotional Photos of 1982 Si-Fi Movie “Blade Runner”

Light and Shade (Tutorials and Examples)

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Male Anatomy Ref

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