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It looks like one of the twins off of Ouran high school host club<< Well, since we can't see the part in this guy's hair, it rules out figuring out which twin he would be. He is wearing headphones though, and Hikaru wears headphones more than Kaoru.

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Fisheye Placebo: outfit design by `yuumei on deviantART [The coloring, clothes, & drawing style] - Such a good comic, go check it out now

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Sinon & Kirito, Why are u Crying Sinon (T⌓T) - Sword Art Online ~ DarksideAnime

Final Fantasy - Dissidia

My favorite villain to play is jecth cause he can freaking block hp attack like meh

GRIMMJOW _  Seksta Espada _  BLEACH by Zetsuai89.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Work was carried for Bleach A bit unusual for me to draw something such, but it was fun) Though to me it seems that I did somet. BLEACH _ Rangiku and Hisagi