tal vez

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four different pictures with words in spanish and english on the same page, there is a red trampoline surrounded by bricks
the instructions for how to use an umbrella
two cartoon characters, one in blue and the other in yellow
an image of llamas in spanish on the screen
Y puedes formar frases usando cinco veces la misma palabra.
some people are in the water and one is hugging another person with his face covered
an image of a person sleeping in bed with the caption yo tambien
someone is holding up a t - shirt that has been made to look like a sud puzzle
Jajajajaja lo quieroooooo ya!
an image of some people in front of a sign that says i'm cumple dia hora lugar no faltes
Tarjeta de cumpleaños xd
a caricature of a smiling man with roses in the background
a man holding a bouquet of roses in front of a pink background with words written on it