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Kim Dinsey-Read
Faces of the Arctic - Inuit elder Qappik Attagutsiak in her traditional caribou and sealskin clothes.  Arctic Bay, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canadian high Arctic

Cold Places: pictures from the Poles

Spectacular images of polar landscapes and wildlife, taken by the photographer Sue Flood.


Inuit Gallery of Vancouver. Masterworks of Inuit and Northwest Coast

We present important exhibitions of Canadian aboriginal art, featuring new works by senior artists and exploring the work of the talented next generation.



Inuit #Totem

Inuit #Totem

Inuit art

Alexandria Neonakis- OLD NO LONGER UPDATED

To be honest, I've never been interested in being a comic artist. The task always seemed way too daunting. I think Darwyn Cooke may have cemented in my mind forever that I would never ever be able to do what he does. I mean... okay I can't even talk about it, I can't really put it into words, but Will brought over a copy of the man with the getaway face and I've just been staring at it completely dumbfounded. I took a pic of one page that really blew my mind: Seriously... I can't... really?…

Yua, Spirit of the Arctic

inuit art and inspiration

With keeping in content of the previous post, I wanted to share some beautiful inuit art and crafts and some inspired by (click on photos fo...


East Greenland Trekking Expedition

We leave for a self-organized expedition trek along pristine fjords, filled with giant icebergs, over rugged passes and across empty tundra valleys of the far north. A few weeks into the wilderness, away from any form of human civilization can not go on without a firm preparation, even though every day is as unpredictable as the night. You guessed it right: we would encounter no human trace for the coming weeks. Together with our old friends, Dries and Ellen, we leave for a self-organized…

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