Ascension Day, a holiday which is this year on may 13th or the 40th day or easter which commemarates Jesus Christ into heaven

Ascension icon - OrthodoxWiki Look at his Mother reaching for Him; like, she gets why He has to go, but she's His mom, and doesn't want to say goodbye AGAIN.

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a roman catholic cathedral which is colobia's main religion

Liverpool, Roman Catholic Cathedral

this is the national flower for colombia cattlya trianae

Cattleya flower: also known as mayflower is the national flower of Colombia, it is a family plant of orchids, which was discovered in Colombia in

this is where they had there civil war and 250,000 people died

Today in History - July The battle with the largest number of casualties in the American Civil war, The Battle of Gettysburg Ended.

Huila, Colombia - Suramérica

Huila, Colombia - Suramérica

chiquita bananas from colombia

aka Banana bread, with white chocolate chips and pecans!