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The Tulip festival outside Tacoma, Washington is one of the most gorgeous sites to see!    Tip: make sure to wear rain boots as this time of year is wet and it's very muddy.
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Menorca, Spain.
Located 25 minutes west of Sioux Falls in the town of Montrose, Porter Sculpture Park features over 40 larger-than-life, recycled metal structures.
A snow caped Mt. Rainier towers over the suburbs of Tacoma, Washington
Falls Park in Sioux Falls...one of the must-see attractions on our two-day getaway. Click for details: http://www.midwestliving.com/travel/south-dakota/sioux-falls/sioux-falls-two-day-getaway/#
Lisa Michele Burns's (@wanderinglens) Story on STELLER
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#Typeface #logos by Jabier Rodriguez