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a cartoon character with long hair wearing a jacket and jeans, standing in front of a black background
AI-20230419_02 Stylized fashion girls, lilililili
ArtStation - 20230419_02 Stylized fashion girls
an animated character with blue eyes and pink hair, wearing a leather jacket holding a skull
AI-20230419_02 Stylized fashion girls, lilililili
ArtStation - AI-20230419_02 Stylized fashion girls
some cartoon character heads with different hair styles
AI-20230418_05 Stylized girl expresions, lilililili
a cartoon character with big eyes and glasses on her face, wearing a brown checkered coat
AI-20230419_02 Stylized fashion girls, lilililili
a woman with long hair wearing an ethnic dress and headdress, standing in front of
AI-20230420_03 Stylized Tibetan girl, lilililili
ArtStation - AI-20230420_03 Stylized Tibetan girl
a close up of a statue of a woman with pink hair and cats on her shoulder
AI-20230419_02 Stylized fashion girls, lilililili
Red Monika, Art Reference Poses, 만화 그림, Character Design Inspiration
Android_No.18 Fan art multiple styles to try with Midjourney, Bill Zheng
a woman in glasses and a skirt holding a purse
The Top Blender Renders of 2016 — Blender Guru
It’s the end of what some are calling like the worst year in forever man. Which IMO is pretty dumb. But besides heated news topics, 2016 also gave us something nice. More gorgeous blender renders! In previous years, I just picked my favourites and posted them here. But this year I did something different. I found 35 of …
a drawing of a woman with grey hair and tattoos on her head, wearing a yellow top
SKEEN Girl: 3D Stylized Character Workflow in ZBrush